That is a tough question to answer for many wedding couple as each of them have their own perception on how the wedding should be celebrated. Some couple still thinks conservatively by having a wedding with glamour, luxury and even with royal interior decoration to show the class in front of the guests. It is […]

When the big day is about to come, there is a vital thing to be well-planned, well-thought, well-chosen; wedding tuxedos. You will be standing with your lovely brides in that attire and have lots of memorable pictures of the wedding. However, choosing the best tuxedo for formal occasion is nothing but sometimes a daunting task. […]

The fashion trends in wedding dresses changes quickly nowadays. Recently introduced models of dress become outdated only in a short period of time, specifically about a year or so. Unlike in the old days where the bride stick to a particular model and style, the brides from the present times always seem to want to […]